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Address: Strantza Naoussa, 592 00 Naoussa, GREECE    Telephone: 30 23320-48255    Website:

Domain Foundi: Naoussa, GR

One Vine, One Grape, Seven Wines


Up in the Northern region of Greece, Naoussa, lays a wine-growing region solely known for the cultivation of the Xinomavro grape. The small modern winery of Domaine Foundis is situated within the picturesque landscape of this region and is run and established by Nicholas Foundis since 1992.


Domaine Foundis produces wines made specifically of Xinomavro grapes. The best Xinomavro grapes are found growing throughout the Naoussa region, where the varietal originates. The grape thrives in its homeland, allowing for the production of some very elegant and tasty wines

Foundis’ vines sit at an altitude of 175 meters in the heart of this wine-growing region. Soil in the area ranges from a heavy clay, light clay or sand. The climate in the area has sufficient amounts of rain, which makes irrigation unnecessary. Red, white and rose wines are all made using the Xinomavro grape varietal, and Domaine Foundis has mastered the creation of wines in all of these forms.


Their Philosophy: Their goal is to produce high quality wines that reflect the unique characteristics of the Xinomavro variety. The constant observation and preoccupation with the vineyard, combined with the modern technology and the know-how in the procedure of wine production, constitute the means to achieve this goal. 

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