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Papantonis Winery: Nemea, GR

Nothing in Excess

Address: 48 Kanari Street GR-212 00 Argos, Greece   Telephone: 30 27510 23620    Website:

Right in the heart of the Peloponnese, brother and sister Anthony and Kallie Papantonis founded the Papantonis winery in 1992. The Papantonis vineyards are situated amongst the wine region of Nemea, and home to the Agiorgitiko grape. It is at this winery where Anthony and Kallie have and continue to produce their high quality wines.


The Papantonis vineyards expand to 20 acres in size and produces just two grape varietals, the Agiorgitiko grape and the Roditis grape. The estate is located at an altitude of 320 meters above sea level. Its sandy clay soil, along with the local microclimate (dry hot days and cool moist nights) ideally combines in the growth of some of the most sought after Agiorgitiko grapes. The delicious Meden Agan starts here.


At Papantonis Winery, they pride themselves on their expertise in the production of their limited amount, yet superb wines.


As the family puts it, “Our aim is to offer superior and personalized service to our consumers around the world, and to remind them that ‘moderation’ is the best philosophy." 


The name of the wine stems from the well-known ancient Greek motto at the Oracle of Delphi meaning ‘nothing in excess’.


Vintage: 2019


Varietal: 100% Agiorgitiko


Type: Dry Red Wine


Vinification: Undergoes traditional red wine vinification process. It is aged in French Oak Barrels for one year and then left to age in the bottle for at least another year.


Tasting Notes: Papantonis Meden Agan wine is clear and has the dark ruby color characteristic of a typical Agiorgitiko wine. It has a delightful nose with aromas of berries, jam and oak.  On the palate it has a velvety soft taste with hints of berry and vanilla. There is a nice balance between the acidity and tannins, making it a very nice and smooth wine to drink. Lastly, it has a nice long finish.

An ideal wine for long term maturing.


Excellent accompaniment to red meats, a hearty stew or casseroles.


Aging: a long time


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