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Estate Constantin Gofas Winery began long ago in Nemea, Greece. In 1959, the family had land sitting in the areas of Koutsi and Daphne within the Nemea Wine region, and decided to start cultivating their own grapes in order to begin producing wine. They winery started in the small family home in the village where they used an old manual wine press.


Later in 1998, the winery was taken over by the young Constantin Gofas. Constantin was raised in the vineyards and winery of his family, and now has undertaken the responsibility of running the show. He has taken the winery to new heights, striving for them to be one of the best Nemea producers in the region. He has modernized the winery with new machinery, and continues to apply innovative viticultural techniques to their winemaking process. He has also branched out by planting different international varietals, allowing him to produce some nice standard blends that can please the pallet of people all over the world. He is constantly aiming for the standard or producing high quality wines, and thru his work, you can see that he has most certainly achieved that.

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