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Septem Microbrewery

Address: Orologio of Avlonari, Municipality of Kymi-Aliveri, Postal Code: 34009    Telephone: +30 2222 77 0000    Website:

Monday’s: Pilsner, 5% vol

Fresh, unpasteurized, filtered beer, with golden blonde colour and slightly sweet flavour, that distinguishes by its pleasant aromas of flowers, citrus and hop.

Thursday’s: Red Ale, 4.5% vol

Fresh, unpasteurized, filtered beer, with bright red colour, distinctive bitterness  and  aromas of citrus, spices and caramel from the well toasted malt.

Friday’s: Pale Ale, 4.7% vol

Fresh, unpasteurized, filtered beer, with golden bronze colour and impressive aromas of muscat grapes, citrus fruits and spices, due to the use of the exotic  Nelson Sauvin New Zealand  hop.

Saturday’s: Porter,  5.5% vol

Fresh, unpasteurized, filtered beer, with brown–black colour, impressive aromas of fresh toasted coffee, bitter chocolate and toasted almonds. A full bodied sweet flavour, with a distinctive bitter finish.

Sunday’s: Honey Golden Ale, 6.5% vol

Fresh, unpasteurized, double fermented, filtered beer, with Greek orange blossom and flower  honey.  A golden colour with orange hues and impressive aromas of orange, peach and exotic fruits, and a long lasting aftertaste.

8th Day IPA, 7% vol

Fresh, unpasteurized, unfiltered beer characterized by the impressive aromas of tangerine, citrus, lychee, mango and peach. The 7.0% of alcohol and the 65 bitterness units are well-balanced with the rich aromatic taste. In the aftertaste pine, mango and zesty aromas create an explosive combination.

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