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Bosinakis Winery: Mantinia, GR

The Future....


Address: Steno Mantineias 22100 Tripoli, Greece   Telephone: 30 2710 238202   Facebook




Bosinakis winery is run by the young Sotiris and Katerina Bosinakis. This boutique winery is what one might consider an “up and coming” due to its fabulous production of Moschofilero and it’s recent entry into the wine production industry. The winery has been producing wine since 1992, but just entered the bottled wine industry 3 years ago. In 2009, they bottled for the very first time, their PDO Bosinaki Mantineia.


Bosinakis winery is located in the area of Mantinia, Greece, home to the Moschofilero grape. The vines are cultivated in low yield of 800-1100 kg per row of vineyard, in order to ensure that proper quality of grape is achieved. This grape grows best in the area it originated in, which is in the plateau
of Mantinia. The vineyards sit at 2000ft of elevation, or higher in sandy soils. The grapes thrive in the microclimate of Mantinia, usually undergoing harvest in September. In some cases these grapes can sometimes remain on the vines well into the month of October.


The winemaker at Bosinakis Winery, Sotiris, allows the nature and the grape to guide him in producing a unique wine that differentiates itself from other Moschofileros. Today it has become one of the most popular Moschofileros in Athens, GR, being poured in all the finest restaurants. 

Vintage: 2021


Varietal: 100% Moschofilero


Type: Dry White Wine


Vinification: Bosinakis Mantineia goes through a 6-hour extraction process at low temperatures in order to get as many characteristics out of the Moschofilero product as possible. The fermentation takes place in stainless steel tank at 13-15ºC. It is let to age in the tanks for a very short period of time in order to maintain the  flavors, and then filtered before bottling.


Tasting Notes:  A brilliant white wine that is pale straw in color with a grayish tint. This Moschofilero has a citrus and floral sent to it. On the palate it is a dry white wine full of fruity and citrus flavors. It is very crisp and refreshing in flavor, and has a little bubbly note to it as well. It is a great wine to drink on it’s own, or with some nice light appetizers.


Best consumed early on in life, although still very good later.


Aging: 2 years


Mantinia: Moschofilero

Protected Designation of Origin Mantinia


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