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Mani Wines is brought to you by Mani Imports based out West Sacramento, CA. We specialize in importing gourmet food and beverages from all over the world, more specifically the countries of the Mediterranean; our most beloved being Greece. As an import company, we have decided to put a little more emphasis on the different wines produced throughout the Mediterranean in hopes of them becoming more recognized throughout our country because they are, after all, some pretty fantastic wines. Mani went the extra mile to seek out some very special wineries that we felt had something great to offer the industry here in the United States. Naturally we decided to start of with the wines of Greece, and found it fitting to take a little trip over to the historically beautiful country.


When venturing off to find wineries we set up 3 criteria that they had to fulfill:

#1: The wines have to be made using the indigenous grape varietals of Greece

#2: The wines have to come out of small boutique wineries that have limited production, and where the winemakers really make the production of the wine their passion

#3: The wine has to be GOOD!!


So what role does Greek wine play in today's market? There is definitely a growing market out there for the wines. Over in Greece, one might say they are undergoing a wine revolution which is playing a global impact on the wine market. Here in the United States you'll find more and more articles are being written everyday in big time newspapers, magazines and websites regarding Greek wine. In addition, big time wine reviewers from Wine Advocate, Wine Spectator and Wine and Spirits are becoming more and more enthusiastic about trying Greek Wines and are encouraging people to expose themselves to them and try something new. After all, some of the first traces of wine are in Greece, so why not go back to the roots?




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