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'M' Malagousia


Vintage: 2019 

Variety: 100% Malagouzia

Type: Dry White Wine


‘M’ Malagouzia is thought to be a fresh new form of a wine that was consumed during ancient times. This wine unfolds a great number of Malagouzia’s varietal characteristics, resulting in an impressive aromatic and tasty wine.


Vinification: Cold maceration, alcoholic fermentation at 16ºC and filtration


Tasting Notes: Avantis Malagouzia is a soft lemon-green color with a pronounced nose consisting of intense citrus fruit (grapefruit- lime), white peach, pear, lemon blossom and hints of minerality. It has a fruity palate with sharp acidity and aromas of white fruit, citrus, rose, and minerals.

Aging: 2 years

Avantis Estate 'HISTORIA' White Blend


Vintage: 2021


Varieties: Viognier – Assyrtiko 


Type: Dry White Wine


Vinification: Cold maceration for 12hr. it then goes through the alcoholic fermentation process at a temperature controlled at 14ºC.


Tasting Notes: Avantis White is lemon yellow color with green tints and aromas of ripe yellow fruits (pear and melon). On the palate it is a dry wine with a moderate hint of sweetness, minerality and refreshing acidity. Aromas of white peach and apricot are also revealed in the fruity after-taste.


 Aging: 2 years

Harmony White  

Vintage: 2021


Varieties: 50% Malagousia, 50% Chardonnay


Type: Dry White Wine


Tasting Notes: : Citrus and ripe yellow fruit aromas. On the palate, the existing acidity boosts the citrus character of the variety. A light wine for the daily delight.


Aging: 2 years


Harmony Red 


Vintage: 2019


Varieties: 100% Merlot


Type: Dry Red Wine


Tasting Notes:  Fresh red and black fruit aromas with scents of sweet spices. Red fruit palate with a touch of vanilla aromas, light - velvet tannins and a fruity aftertaste.


Aging: enjoy now or within the next 5 years

Avantis Estate: Syrah


Vintage: 2017   


Variety: 100% Syrah


Type: Dry Red Wine


Vinification: They use the classical method for making red wine. There is extended skin contact for 20-30 days at controlled temperature of 24ºC, which maximizes the aroma. That is then followed by malolactic fermentation, and then placed in 225lt French oak barrels in order for it to properly mature until Apostolos feels it is ready.  It is bottled without stabilization of filtration, so any amount of sediment is quite normal.


Tasting Notes:  Avantis Syrah is a deep ruby color, with a complex developing bouquet. There are hints spice, pepper, and cinnamon and tobacco aromas. On the palate there is a strong sense of black fruit taste, jam, and some nuances of vanilla. It is a full-bodied wine that is spicy, with decent ripe fine-grained tannins and a long finish.


Aging: 8-10 years

‘M’ Mavri Koudoura


Vintage: 2014


Variety: 100% Black Koudoura of Kymi (Mandilaria)


Type: Dry Red Wine


With respect to his homeland and love for red wine varieties, Apostolos Mountrichas chose to revive the ancient variety, Mavri Koudoura of Kymi. Mavri Koudoura is considered a clone of the Aegean grape varietal Mandilaria, whose grapes are small and dark with velvet tannins.


Vinification: This wine is made using cold skin contact for 3 days. It is then placed in new Ermitage oak barrels, where it is left to mature and age for 12 months. This wine is left unfiltered, so any amount of sediments in the bottle is quite normal.


Tasting notes: Mavri Koudoura is an opaque ruby color. It has a pronounced nose with intense aromas of black fruit, spices, jam, vanilla, coffee and oak. The wine has a full round palate with balanced acidity and fine-grained high-level tannins, with a long finish.


Aging: 10 years

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