Techni White.jpg

Techni Alipias White: 12x750ml

Protected Geographic Indication Drama

Vintage: 2018

Varietals: Sauvignon Blanc, Assyrtiko


Type: Dry White Wine


Tasting Notes: The combination of Sauvignon Blanc and Assyrtiko produces a fruity and splendidly aromatic wine, of a clear pale yellow color with greenish reflections. The nose is intense and fresh, a blend of citrus and mango. The clean crispness in the mouth is enhanced by a buttery touch. Serve cool, at 8-10°C. Enjoy with seafood, grilled fish, meat with white sauce.

Aging: 2-3 years

Techni Rose.jpg

Techni Alipias Rosé: 12x750ml

Protected Georgraphical Indication Drama

Vintage: 2017

Varietals: A blend of Syrah, Merlot, Sangiovese, Nebbiolo and Cabernet Sauvignon.


Type: Dry Rose Wine

Tasting Notes: Brilliant rose-red colour. 
Delightfully fragrant, with a broad fresh palette compounded of ripe strawberries, blackberries and black cherries. Full-bodied, well structured, refreshingly crisp. 
Serve cool, at  8-10°C.

Enjoy with pasta, white meats with fresh tomato sauces, vegetable dishes (e.g. mushrooms au vin, aubergine roulade, stuffed tomatoes), charcuterie and cheese plates.

Techni Red.jpg

Techni Alipias Red: 12x750ml

Protected Georgraphical Indication Drama

Vintage: 2016

Varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon, Agiorgitiko

Type: Dry Red Wine

Vinification: The Cabernet Sauvignon, and Agiorgitiko grapes that take part in the wine's varietal composition are vinified separately, by the classic red vinification method. After alcoholic and malolactic fermentation, the wine is aged for at least 12 months in French oak barrels 

Tasting Notes: This wine has a deep purplish color. Complex, beautifully open bouquet of cherries and plums, with notes of pepper and vanilla. In the mouth it is rich, mature, fleshy, well structured, with beautifully softened tannins. A delightful wine of real character, which can be consumed fresh or aged for several years. 
Serve at 16-18°C.
Enjoy with strongly flavored dishes, such as game, red meats, poultry in spicy sauces. 
Responds well to further aging.

Techni Plano Assyrtiko.jpg

Plano Assyrtiko: 12x750ml

Protected Geographical Indication Drama

Vintage: 2016

Varietals: Assyrtiko

Type: Dry White Wine

Tasting Notes: The result of Assyrtiko’s cultivation in Drama’s ecosystem is a  gorgeously complex and unique wine. The color is shiny golden yellow.

The nose is characterized by a beautiful combination of apricot, tropical fruits and mineral aromas with a fine touch of botanical nuances.

The refreshing acidity in the mouth balances very well with the creamy texture and offers a long lasting aftertaste.

Serve at 10 ̊C.

Enjoy with seafood pasta, grilled shrimps and asparagus salad, pancetta risotto.